🧑🤝🧑 Self-Distributing Social Network System (SSNS)

Tips: SSNS not in effect for CIVIL BEAM, in order to ensure the ultimate justice of the democratic system.


BLOCKNG's referral reward system is driven by Self-Distributing Social Network System (SSNS), which has completely rewritten the boring promotion system.

Make LAW With Your Friends

  • Any citizen within the BLOCKNG system can create his own social network by creating an invitation code.
  • When a brand new citizen (with no economic activity in the system) uses an invitation code for an activity, an irrevocable contractual relationship will be established.
  • Once the contract is in force, the invitee will generate an additional 1-10% of the profit, which can be withdrawn by the inviter at any time.
  • Once the contract is in force, it is impossible to change the contractual relationship by using other invitation codes, or by using special contract interfaces for illegal operations.

Refer Reward Percentage

  • BEAM pools with no fees have 10% referral bonus
  • BEAM pools with fees only have 1% referral bonus (please be considerate of your friends)