LawPunk Details

When selecting 'Detail' on any LawPunk will open up further details of the punk

LawPunks #xxxx - LawPunk ID

  • Descripton of LawPunk below (i.e one of 226 Male Alien punks. )

Accessories - The traits of the LawPunk

  • Description of traits generated for this LawPunk (i.e Cap Forward , 85 punks have this.)

Metaverse Power - This calculation of "LawPunk Power" is determined by rarity , popularity , and leveling :

  • Bloodline - Generated by the rarity score, and cannot be increased.

  • Growth - The level of the punk (Can be increased by upgrading (100 per level).)

  • Popularity - Can be increased by trading (10 per BCH or 1000 LAW) , settlement after the next LawPunk upgrade.

  • Power - Bloodline + Growth + Popularity

  • Hash Rate - Mining speed of this punk.

BlockNG provided document further detailing calculations and upgrade path for all LawPunks:



  • PunkFi allows your punk to be "Phantomized" , paying the LawPunk owner to generate LawUSD from 1/7 LawPunk power.

  • LawETP is utilized as insurance coverage for the loan and must be maintained

  • Letting coverage expires allows other users to liquidate your position leaving borrower with GhostLawPunk

Current Market Status

Owner by address 0xxxxx : Current owner of LawPunk , clicking address will bring you to block explorer

Sell - Listing is free! At the time of sale, the 5% BCH / 3% lawUSD / 1% LAW will be deducted.

Bid - Allows non owner to place bid in either BCH , LawUSD, or LAW

Punk Manifesto - 10 law to display text until transfer or sale (All your punk's detail page will show this. )

Rallying Cry - Allows individual punk to make a statement (After transferring punk to another address, your message will no longer be shown.) See Cry

Transaction History

Transaction history will show the previous sales of the LawPunk including currency type, date and partial address of exchanging parties

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