LawPunk Details

When selecting 'Detail' on any LawPunk will open up further details of the punk

LawPunks #xxxx - LawPunk ID

  • Descripton of LawPunk below (i.e one of 226 Male Alien punks. )
Accessories - The traits of the LawPunk
  • Description of traits generated for this LawPunk (i.e Cap Forward , 85 punks have this.)
Metaverse Power - This calculation of "LawPunk Power" is determined by rarity , popularity , and leveling :
  • Bloodline - Generated by the rarity score, and cannot be increased.
  • Growth - The level of the punk (Can be increased by upgrading (100 per level).)
  • Popularity - Can be increased by trading (10 per BCH or 1000 LAW) , settlement after the next LawPunk upgrade.
  • Power - Bloodline + Growth + Popularity
  • Hash Rate - Mining speed of this punk.
BlockNG provided document further detailing calculations and upgrade path for all LawPunks:​



  • PunkFi allows your punk to be "Phantomized" , paying the LawPunk owner to generate LawUSD from 1/7 LawPunk power.
  • LawETP is utilized as insurance coverage for the loan and must be maintained
  • Letting coverage expires allows other users to liquidate your position leaving borrower with GhostLawPunk

Current Market Status

Owner by address 0xxxxx : Current owner of LawPunk , clicking address will bring you to block explorer

Sell - Listing is free! At the time of sale, the 5% BCH / 3% lawUSD / 1% LAW will be deducted.

Bid - Allows non owner to place bid in either BCH , LawUSD, or LAW


Punk Manifesto - 10 law to display text until transfer or sale (All your punk's detail page will show this. )

Rallying Cry - Allows individual punk to make a statement (After transferring punk to another address, your message will no longer be shown.) See Cry​


Transaction History

Transaction history will show the previous sales of the LawPunk including currency type, date and partial address of exchanging parties



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